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We need more Associates

It started with a simple idea, a germ of a concept that would become a business. Through a combination of determination and sacrifice, the business grew and became successful.

Yet every year, Boomer founders grow older and want to retire. What happens to the business and the people who depend on it? This is where the business broker comes into the picture. The broker captures the story of the business, and uses this to seek out a successor owner. A sale provides several things:

  • An honorable exit for the owner/founder.
  • A transition of the business to new ownership.
  • A preservation of jobs and economic activity.
  • A new way of living for the successor owner.

A business broker makes all of these things happen. It is a career that offers independence, yet great intellectual challenge. Personal initiative is rewarded.

We are looking for new brokers with a diversity of backgrounds to help us bring the 40 years of business transfer experience to the current situation. We would welcome a chance to discuss it with YOU.

Our company is one of the largest Business Brokerages in New Hampshire. But even with our presence throughout the state and the other agencies who are active, there are not enough of us to contact and educate all the potential clients who could benefit from the services of a business broker.

Our campaign for the last 40 years -, to educate business owners that we exist, and are there to help - has made a real difference. We have successfully transitioned hundreds of businesses, and helped owners achieve once in a lifetime liquidity events. But there are still many waiting to be contacted.

While years ago the dominant sectors were community stores and lodging establishments, today we are seeing a greater variety of businesses coming to market – distribution, business services, medical, new technology and more. New skills are needed to help facilitate these sales.

This means that there is a great opportunity for new Associates with diverse backgrounds to develop their own networks and build their own “book of business” using our history, tools and systems.

If you are interested in learning more give us a call @ 603-715-1097 or click here to contact us.

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