New Hampshire Business Listings

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Tax Preparer and Bookkeeping


File #522007S


Available for acquisition is the Tax Preparation and Bookkeeping services portion of a well-established CPA firm. After many years in the business, the owner desires to go in a different direction and focus on small business consulting. This small portion of the annual revenue will be retained by the owner.

The firm has a reputation for quality, timely work which results in high client retention. The growth of the firm has occurred organically through networking, referrals and by word of mouth. 2022 revenue was $467,608 producing healthy compensation for ownership. There are two employees that handle tax preparation and bookkeeping for their clients that are primarily located in New Hampshire with a few in Massachusetts. Corporate clients are on a recurring revenue model. The tax preparation and bookkeeping business is available at an offering price of $525,000. This includes relevant employee workstations, customer database and vendor lists, owner training during the transition, goodwill and a non-compete agreement from the current owner.


Niche Wood Product Manufacturing Business


File #223001


Available for acquisition is a niche wood product manufacturing business with an established customer base, can be moved to a location of your choice and provides an opportunity for growth. Potential purchasers of this business could be an individual entrepreneur looking for a hands-on business to grow, a retail wood products business looking to provide another source of sales or a larger wood manufacturer with the commercial space and skilled staff to grow another revenue stream. Sales the past two years have exceeded $200,000 with an average of 20.5% return to the bottom line and opportunity for much higher sales as the owner is involved in multiple endeavors and has not solely focused in on business growth. Other than the business website, there is no formal marketing plan. This is a huge untapped opportunity to grow sales by increasing brand and product awareness. This movable, specialty wood manufacturing business is available, including supplier and customers lists, training during the transition to a new owner, assistance in the setup of a new location, good will, non-compete agreement and $102,775 worth of furniture, fixtures, and equipment for $195,000 plus the value of the inventory and supplies. The value of the inventory and supplies ranges between $15,000 and $25,000 and will depend on the business cycle at the time of the transfer to a new owner.


Profitable, Established Specialty Retail Store


File #222010


This specialty retail store located in an upscale, busy, vibrant downtown area has much to offer! The business offers a wide selection of interior and exterior fixtures. With consistent sales even during the two Covid impacted years, the business has generated $800,000 plus in sales the past year and an average of $250,000 in discretionary earnings in the past two years. This is an exceptional opportunity for an owner/operator or partnership. New owners will be able to market to the substantial detailed database of customer contact information. In addition to providing top quality products, the customers are working with knowledgeable staff and receiving personal attention resulting in repeat business from about 55% of customers and this number keeps growing. Growth opportunities exist to expand this business to seven figures in sales including networking with contractors and designers in the community and expanding marketing efforts. The business is well known in the community and continues to add new customers through referrals. The business including $175,000 of furniture, fixtures, and equipment, displays, fit-ups, supplies, client database, goodwill, transitional training to a new owner and access to industry trade advantages and incentive programs are available for $495,000 plus the value of the inventory and supplies. The offering price for the business and its assets with the real estate is $870,000 plus the value of the inventory and supplies. The value of the inventory and supplies with the associated freight fees is approximately $250,000.


Power Equipment Sales and Service Business and Property


File #222009


The business sells and services multiple lines of high-quality lawn, garden, and forestry power equipment for commercial and residential use. The service department services and fully supports what the company sells as well as product lines that are purchased elsewhere. Selling higher-end longer lasting equipment and maintaining a knowledgeable staff that can repair what is sold and educate their customers how to maintain their equipment has been the key to the company’s success.

Sales this past year were $2,430,298 with approximately 40% derived from new product sales and approximately 60% derived from service work generating consistent six figure discretionary earnings to the owner every year.

The 5000 square foot building is centrally located a heavily traveled road surrounded by complimentary businesses and nearby residential areas. The owner has successfully used many avenues to get and educate his customers. A new owner could bring these efforts to the next level. After 32 years in the industry, the owner is selling to pursue other interests. He very much wishes to have the business thrive and grow to the next level. Toward this end, he will provide full transition assistance during the transfer to the new owner.

The business and real estate are offered at $1,490,000 and includes training during the transition of ownership, vendor, supplier and customer lists, good will, $85,000 worth of furniture, fixtures and equipment and the availability of assuming the floor-planned, on-hand salable equipment inventory plus, at cost, the parts, and supplies inventory with the associated shipping fees.
The value of the floor-planned salable equipment inventory value ranges between $1,000,000 and $1,500,000. The value of the parts and supplies, with associated shipping fees, ranges between $150,000 and $250,000 and will depend on the business cycle at the point of transfer to a new owner.


Fully Staffed Auto Detail Business


File #222008


Available for acquisition, is a long-established and profitable auto detail business in a high visibility location with high traffic counts in front of the business. The business is fully staffed with trained technicians using the latest technology. The business has a terrific reputation for quality work and service and is now serving a third generation of repeat customers. A potential buyer could maintain the current business model very successfully and introduce other auto-related products and services that would give extra value to the already large customer base. The business, with $75,000 worth of furniture, fixtures and equipment, trained staff, non-compete agreement, long term lease and training to a new owner plus goodwill, built up through years of operation, is offered for a value price of $195,000 plus the cost of accessories and supplies. The value of the accessories and supplies ranges between $500 and $1,000.


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